About Us

A Strong Team

We aim to keep tradition alive.

Restoring historical oak frames as well as replicating it, we're equally experienced in incorporating Oak into the more modern designs. 

Oak framing is a historical craft and we're fortunate to have a team of experienced carpenters. There is an art to building structures from freshly cut green oak. All of our new staff members are put through an intensive in house training scheme for 12 months prior to being left to work alone on our frames. 

We’re passionate about the longevity of the structure itself and we aim to build our team in the same way. 

Working closely with one of the very best of the ‘oak framing’ structural engineers we’ve developed strength in our structures which will stand the test of time.  

Working with a Lincolnshire based family owned Architectural Design and Building Surveying Practice, we can promise tasteful and timeless designs. 

We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship, carefully training all new members of the team to work in the same way as us.  

Timeless designs, built to last.  

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Jamie is the owner and founder of Country Oak Frames. 

Jamie started his career as a joinery apprentice then furthered his career working at the Lincoln Cathedral. Jamies love for heritage joinery was clear as he restored and repaired some of the oldest Joinery in the County. 

"One of my biggest achievements was gaining a 'Heritage Skills' qualification in which Lincoln Cathedral helped me towards.  From my time there, I developed many skills and much knowledge of the traditional way of doing things. This started my fascination with history and I therefore started my own business specialising in heritage joinery. I found it amazing that I could repair something and restore it to its original beauty. I also felt a sense of achievement from doing so, it was like I was putting back what was there rather than replacing it with new.  

Along my journey, I repaired some old oak frames which sparked my flame for the material itself.  
I could see the strength in the structure still after almost 400 years, the fact it was still very much standing just in need of some minor repairs made me think if I build these structures, they will long outlive me and that’s history”  

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Dylan runs our Porch divison and specialises in our bespoke feature porches. 

When we send Dylan to fit his porches, we always end up with feedback from our customer such as this latest one.. 

"Can I also give Dylan a glowing reference, he’s polite and worked non stop to finish setting up the porch, it was a pleasure watching him take care of the fitting and he did a great job manufacturing it"



James is our workshop manager and our most experienced member of the oak framing team.

He came to us with an oak framing background and has been doing the craft since he was very young! He was taught by his father and has passed on all of his knowledge to us. He oversees every single project that goes in and out the business.

James is cool, calm and collected and is an excellent teacher, he trains all of our new staff and works closely with them for their first year in employment until they can be left to use all the skills they learned by themselves. 



Hetty joined Country Oak Frames with a wealth of experience within business and administration. 

Since becoming the company administrator, she has designed a bespoke project management and CRM system. Our whole company is now reliant on this system which is set up with strict organisational processes in which we must follow to ensure it runs smoothly. 

This system is gradually being intergrated into the workshop, so it is not just useful in the office! 



Casper is our master joiner and is our longest withstanding employee!

He has immense patience and skill when it comes to joinery in general and has spread his skills across the whole business in undertaking the joinery tasks as well as Oak framing. Anything intricate in design, we pass it over to Casper as his attention to detail is out of this world. He is very talented and careful. 

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Doris & Skye

Doris is a rescued French Bulldog who is so full of character and wind... 

You can often smell her before you see her! 

Skye is a beautiful husky x German Shepard. She is a bit of an old lady now at 12 years old, but full of energy still.  She belongs to the director, Skye is known to keep watch over us all and reports back to the boss!