Our Oak

  • Green oak and sustainability

    Our business has been selecting trees from Great Britain's forests for three generations. All our timber is sourced from responsibly grown and managed woodlands and all trees felled are replanted with like for like species - one tree felled results in up to ten being replanted.

    With over eighty years' experience working within the timber trade, we are able to select specific logs to suit the projects we have in hand. We have timber to suit every project!

    Timber is carbon neutral.

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    Why use green oak?

    Green oak has been used in construction for over a thousand years, and the reasons they chose green oak then are the same reasons why we choose it today.

    When the oak is green it is a lot easier to work and makes using traditional hand tools a much easier task.

    Green oak can be seen as a sustainable source in our environment, as the trees which are removed can easily be replaced with fresh new trees. Oak in its rawest form is a carbon neutral product that has absorbed CO2 through its natural lifespan.

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